Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tassa Drummers - Trinidad

A Hindu Wedding - Trinidad

This past summer, I was a guest at a Hindu wedding in Trinidad, the last island in the Caribbean archipelago that is near the tip of Venezuela.  It was not a destination wedding, but one that celebrated the richness of a heritage.  Trinidad is a multicultural island and is home to a large population of East Indians whose ancestors came to the island as indentured servants after slavery ended.  Today, foods such as dhalpourie, doubles, curries, soca music, festivals like Divali, Holi or the observance of Ramadan are now firmly part of the Trinidadian culture and whether you are of East Indian ancestry, have a drop of Indian blood in your veins or none at all, all of these things become part of you.

Todd Street Mandir (Temple)

Wrought iron gate - simple yet secure

Interior of Mandir

 A happy bride

A lucky groom

 A serious moment

Bride adorned with bangles and beads

 A vegetarian meal of buss-up-shot (bread), curried chataigne (breadnut), chickpeas, potatoes, pumpkin and mango amchar served on a soharee leaf.

 Tassa drummers and dancers

Indian Wedding Singers

Hibiscus flowers, rice, water, banana plant, etc. are symbolic elements used during the wedding ceremony