Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ceramics Collection @ Rafael Larco Museum, Peru

Portrait vessel from the Moche Apogee period (1 AD - 800 AD) generally represented the ruling elites, priests, warriors and at times, distinguished artisans.

Double-spouted vessel from the Southern Huari Fusion Apogee period (800 AD - 1300 AD) included a bridge handle.

Double-chamber vessel from the Vicus Formative period (1250 BC - 1 AD) was developed in the north of Peru.  Large ear plugs indicate high rank.

 Moche Owl god (1 AD - 800 AD) was associated with the night, occult and death.

Double-spouted vessel

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Splendour in Metal @ Rafael Larco Museum, Peru

Cuy or Guinea Pig - a Peruvian Delicacy

 Baby guinea pigs

Cuy on a platter for special guests!

For sale outside of the Cusco Central Market

Peruvians love cuy or guinea pig!!  In cities such as Lima, it can cost as much as 60 nuevos soles each and for a number of Peruvians, roasted cuy is a treat!